How do we work


Our merchandising team has 4 members who work in different regions of Lithuania. They are following the optimal schedule of visits very strictly, therefore our customers can be sure, that the goods provided by AmicaLT are always on the shelves, according to the planograms. 






Orders are delivered to the customers very fast, during 24 – 48 hours. This is possible thanks to the transmission of the orders directly to the program using EDI solutions and our own sales team, who is using pocket PC-s to serve more than 1000 points of sales around Lithuania.





Our warehouse space amounts to 200 m² and technically is very well-equipped. 


The collection of orders is very fast by using scanners with most recent software. We are very rarely confronted with problems which usually occur quite frequently in warehousing, like shortage of goods, wrongly picked or addressed goods.




AmicaLT is constantly looking for new innovative solutions to be more effective and give better service to our customers.